Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Best Atlanta Wedding Cake

  1. Be inspired:  When meeting your Atlanta wedding cake decorator for the first time, bring as much information as possible; theme of the wedding, wedding invitation, design of your dress, color schemes and inspiration from the room and flowers. It will make the design process and selection easier.
  2. Be honest about your budget:  It really is important that you trust your cake designer enough that you tell them your real budget. Real! There are lots of ways to translate blush pink peonies and lace into a wedding cake, and letting your designer know means they can work on ideas that are actually realistic. (And they won’t try to wring you for every penny, I promise.)  If you’re on a tight budget, think about having an oversized statement sugar flower or blocks of color, rather than piped lace or a floral cascade.
  3. Portions dictate size:  It’s not the other way around, the number of people you need to serve is more important than the number of tiers you think your cake should have. If your number is on the low side you can make it up with dummy tiers, but bear in mind that they aren’t free, and a 5 tier cake at a wedding with 40 people will probably result in a few awkward stares.
  4. Make sure you like their style:  Cake designers have styles too! If you are looking for an ombre cake with an extended/double barrel tier, chances are you shouldn’t go looking for someone who still uses pillars and stairways.  The same goes for buttercream vs. fondant, some designers are happy to work with both, but you’re much better off finding someone who works with the medium you want for your cake.
  5. Taste the Cake:  Besides being a showpiece, your Atlanta wedding cake should taste amazing too. When you meet with prospective bakers, taste lots of flavors. Don’t be afraid to stray from vanilla and chocolate. And don’t forget to sample fillings too—many bakers are working with complex flavorings, like guava and mango or hazelnut and mocha.
  6. Consider the Weather:  If you’re having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, stay away from whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream: They melt. Ask your baker about summer icing options; You might want to go for a fondant-covered cake — it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated.   At It’s a Sweet Life we suggest fondant on top of buttercream. Fondant done right doesn’t have to change anything but the look.  Most bakers layer it over buttercream anyway.  If your guests don’t want to eat it, they can peel it off and still have a standard amount of buttercream to enjoy with their cake.
  7. Mind your Magazines:  Keep in mind, magazines have food stylists, editors, and assistants working nonstop to keep the cakes looking perfect. These people spend hours fixing the sweating, dripping, leaning, or sagging that can happen to a cake after it’s been sitting for a while. And if what they do doesn’t work, they can fix it with Photoshop. They also have the luxury of creating cakes from stuff that isn’t edible — most cakes in magazines are iced pieces of Styrofoam, which certainly doesn’t taste very good. So don’t expect your cake designer to be able to replicate exactly what you see in print.
  8. Top it off:  There are many beautiful and unique ways to top off your cake, so you can avoid plastic figurines (unless you’re going for cool-kitsch). If you have an heirloom piece — especially a fine porcelain antique — work with your baker to integrate it into an appropriate design. A pair of sugar or gingerbread cookies can look charming atop a country wedding cake. Finely sculpted maple sugar or marzipan figurines are quaint. Other alternatives: a bouquet of sugar flowers, a cascade of icing ribbons, or even a sugar block carved out to reveal your new monogram.
  9. Lock Down Delivery Details:  Atlanta wedding cake delivery takes coordination (and sometimes a refrigerated van), so give yourself peace of mind and opt to have your cake delivered. Complex cakes may not necessarily arrive in final form, so allow time and space for assembly. And make sure that once the masterpiece is delivered, it has a place at the venue (especially if it requires refrigeration). Bottom line: Discuss all the delivery details with your baker before signing the contract.
  10. After the Wedding:  Avoid freezer burn! Even if you take the most painstaking packaging measures, eating the top tier of your cake on your first anniversary sounds far better than it tastes. Treat yourself to a fresh cake in the same flavor, or a replica of your top tier once you’ve survived the first year.  If you must adhere to tradition, wrap the cake in plastic wrap, then bag it in an airtight baggie. Stay away from aluminum foil — it might not protect against freezer burn as well as plastic wrap because it’s not an airtight material.

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  2. My fiance and I are trying to choose a wedding cake for our wedding so we really appreciate this information. I like the tip you give of setting a budget beforehand so that we know exactly what we can afford. I imagine that in addition to the things you have mentioned, it would also be important to make sure we are going with a reputable cake shop so that we will get the cake of our dreams. Thanks for sharing this!

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