Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
As It’s a Sweet Life Bakery closely monitors the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the health and safety of our employees and customers remains our top priority. We have taken measures to protect our team and our community from furthering the spread of the virus. As we reopen, we are following the CDC and our local State and County Health Departments recommendations to promote a safe experience for everyone.
We are a boutique bakery,
specializing in custom cakes and other delights
to sweeten your celebrations.
Our creations taste as great as they look - it’s a
founding principle of our practice. Whether you
are planning a big event or simply want to spoil
yourself, It’s A Sweet Life has something
special waiting for you.
We are fully open with safety precautions in place and we have a case full of cake jars, cookies and other sweet treats for you to enjoy.